The Process

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us?

First off, we understand both sides of the job. Having nearly 50 years in the industry we’ve seen the complications and frustrations that arise among office managers and design teams. We stop at nothing to make sure the job is completed within the desired timeframe.

Addressing The Pain Point

We’re confident in our team’s ability to deliver on our projects no matter what scope of work or timeline we’re faced with.

Upon the successful installation of any project, we want you to feel like you were cared for throughout the process. Deciding on an installation team for your client is no easy task and we take the opportunity on with the mindset that your goal is now our goal—we’re working together to reach this common outcome. We always set and meet our deadlines and don’t stop until the job is complete.

Addressing The Pain Point

How We Do It

With the support of some of the most skilled trades employees backing us, we got to work.

Sometimes, delays do arise. Whether they be construction or permit related, we always do our best to course correct so that we can deliver on our original agreement. Our project management team is second to none and is ready to jump in to assist to ensure your project always stays on schedule and under budget.

Why we know we’re the right solution:

  • Over the past ten years, we’ve worked with the top three major Canadian banks
  • We believe in continued team training and education
  • We’ve taken on the responsibility of training other office installation teams all across Canada.
  • Products and materials are often ordered long before they were needed to avoid any project delays.
  • We employ and rely on dedicated tradespeople whose goal is to please the customer
  • Our clients always receive a personal experience. Paul and Eric, owners and Senior Project Managers personally oversee your project and take your success just as seriously as their own.

Next Steps

We start by determining and discussing your specific business’ needs to understand how we can better serve you.
Let’s connect to see how we can help.

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